Captain Commander & the Space Spiders… From Space

Captain Commander & the Space Spiders… From Space
Art credit: AI Did This

A Dystopian Radio Play

By James Noll

Editor’s Note: 

Here’s the deal. Since it’s the Halloween month, best of all the months, Pie & Chai has worked it out with the author so you can listen for free to the half hour Part I of James Noll’s original radio play Captain Commander & the Space Spiders… From Space. But if you want to hear Part II, to find out who eats whom, and why, it’ll cost you a few bucks. Poor James is a public school teacher after all, and it’s either supplement his income selling the odd radio play every now and then (and boy do we mean odd), or go back to working graveyard shifts as a weapons-heavy security guard at the North Anna Nuclear Generation Station under strict orders to shoot anything that moves, or breathes, until it doesn’t. And that includes the toxic blue-green algae blooms that have taken over the faux-lake/cooling pond once again this summer, not unlike the Space Spiders… From Space, and that plague of Zombies in a movie theater near you.

Click here to give a listen—at your peril: Captain Commander and the Space Spiders… From Space