Enter the Coyote

Check the backyard. Bring in the cat. Leave ’em alone.

A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal

(With Apologies to Jonathan Swift)

Being for the Benefit of the Citizens of Our Glorious County, Their Children, and Future Faithful Generations



Something Smells. Must Be Those Confederate Street Signs.

The Beavers of Accokeek Creek

We Like Nature OK, We Just Don’t Like It to Be Too Messy.

The Humans of Brooke Road aren’t all beaver killers. Some are actually quite nice. One family rescues mini pigs. Another runs a conservation research center. Many may not even know they had a hand in the torture-deaths of nearly three dozen beavers two years ago—parents, yearlings, and kits—and the destruction in all or in part of 15 beaver dams tucked into the reeds and hyacinths and groves of dead ash trees in the forested wetlands of Accokeek Creek.